Founded in 2007, KD Transport, LLC is a sand and gravel trucking company that serves all of Southeastern Michigan.

The Finch family began the trucking tradition in 1939 when Grandpa Russell borrowed silver dollars from his grandmother to purchase his first truck. From that moment, trucking has been in the Finch genes! We are all so excited and proud to carry on the family legacy. For us, family is everything.

Customer service is our number one priority. We work with local suppliers to keep our prices competetive, and we strive to make our customers feel they are part of the KD family. From estimate to project completion, our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Matt's parents, Kim and Don, founded KD Transport back in 2007 with one goal: provide for their family the way they know best - trucking! Matt and I are so excited to be involved in the business now and working to keep this business successful to continue to provide for our family and, hopefully, future Finch generations to come!

When KD started, it was just Kim, Don, and one truck. Years later, we are now 6 people and 4 trucks, and our clientele has expanded to include residential and commercial accounts.

While Kim and Don are still an integral part of our day-to-day operations, Matt and I are so excited to be “taking the wheel,” so to speak! We’re really looking forward to the opportunity to carry KD Transport forward successfully the way Mom and Dad have all these years. We have three daughters of our own and we really love seeing them grow up playing at the garage and riding along in the trucks with their Dad and Grandpa the way Matt did. Family really is everything to all of us at KD!

We are so thankful for Mom and Dad, the “K” and “D” of KD Transport and all their hard work that’s brought the company to where it is today, and we are so grateful to them for trusting us to carry it forward into the future!